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        January 11, 2022

        Luck in Look & Grezina Natalia

        “The personal story not only consists of memories, days lived, relationships with people, but also of many other details which, for various reasons, may seem not important. For example clothes an...
        January 11, 2022

        The brand Luck in Look participated in the Dutch Design Week in October 2021. 

        I had an amazing opportunity to demonstrate six pairs of shoes Luck in Look made from exclusive upcycling materials in one of the biggest exhibitions in Northern Europe last year.  Dutch ...
        April 4, 2021

        «Sustainable bespoke shoes from exclusive upcycling materials»

        «Sustainable bespoke shoes from exclusive materials» We would be delighted to share our story of two creative individuals who met each other by a coincidence. We found the way how to create so...
        November 5, 2020

        Shoe Making Production in the 21 Century

        Nowadays, when we hear «shoemaking production» we are thinking about mass-market and exceptionally – about handmade shoes. In the twenty-first century, we are pampered with choice, consumerism took r...
        September 28, 2020

        True education comes from a passion for learning. My experience

        I truly believe that if you are involved in what you love to do, the studies bring you real pleasure. Personal development motivation comes from your passion for learning new things. I shared this op...
        May 6, 2020

        How my experience of having grown up in post-Soviet Russia helps me to endure the Covid-19 crisis

        It is now a third week of self-isolation in the world. People from different countries, of different religions and social statuses are staying home because of the pandemic. These days every one of...
        March 18, 2020

        Story of the brand/part 1

        My name is Yulia Zelenina. I am an adventurer and a designer and a shoemaker.  Two years ago I established my brand Luck in Look. With my Brand I am realizing a dream of a little girl, who's ...