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        Be open to the World

        In my brand, I connect two things that usually contradict each other, design & comfort.

        Luck in Look is a new product that is customized from scratch. I strongly believe in mindfulness of a new generation and appreciation of craftsmanship & eco-friendly way of production.

        About the Brand

        “Where can I buy stylish & comfortable shoes from nature-friendly materials?”.

        “Women need to choose between style or comfort”

        “We have beautifully designed shoes but we need to take them off after a while”

        Or “We have comfortable shoes that are not really flattering”

        Luck in Look is comfortable designer hand-made shoes.

        I design and make shoes for women and men. My customers can choose the design I provide on my site. In addition, they can order a pair of unique shoes with customized design,

        I offer different ideas for their shoes to make them feel special. Also, I measure their feet, develop the last and make a pair of beautiful shoes specifically for every person.

        My clients keep saying that «Shoes Luck in Look fit like a glove»

        Yulia Zelenina (Designer and shoemaker)