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        “The personal story not only consists of memories, days lived, relationships with people, but also of many other details which, for various reasons, may seem not important. For example clothes and shoes, nowadays have lost their sacred significance in most cases because of consumerism. They became an extension of the personality, being closer to the body, protecting and enveloping it. When the time comes to change our favorite shoes for some reason, it feels like a part of ourselves is taken away. Imbued with numerous memories gained through kilometers of walks and meetings, people’s shoes become a body of memory.

        Our wounds are not only the wounds of our soul and body, they are imprinted on everything that surrounds us. The blood of memory exudes through the fabric and seams, and we can read the signs of people’s past and present by simply looking at what they wear.

        The pair of shoes created by Luck in Look in collaboration with Natalia Grezina shows the inner essence of a wearable object, which can be closely related to the life of its owner and reflect everything that has been experienced in its “skin”. (Text @grezina_natalia

        Last year I dreamed of finding an artist who would love to create a pair of shoes together. Therefore, from time to time I was browsing some creatives on the Internet. Eventually, one day I saw a page from Natalia on Instagram and I was thrilled by her work. When I saw her masterpieces I didn’t hesitate even one minute. I texted her immediately and offered to collaborate. Surprisingly, she was thinking of making something for fashion and a couple of days later we agreed to meet and discuss the project.As a result of our fruitful conversation, we developed a pair of loafers with her art masterpieces. In addition, the pair of loafers “The blood of memory” was displayed in the Dutch Design week 2021!.

        I am very happy I had a chance to implement not only shoes as an art object, nonetheless a comfortable pair of wearable loafers. And I am grateful to work with such professional as Natalia Grezina https://grezina.com ! 


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