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        Category: Brand Luck in Look

        February 14, 2021

        Hand made shoes VS. mass-market shoes

        There are many reasons why people buy shoes. Some are interested in the latest trends, while others need comfort and functionality. But no doubt we all are searching for shoes from time to ti...
        March 18, 2020

        Story of the brand/part 1

        My name is Yulia Zelenina. I am an adventurer and a designer and a shoemaker.  Two years ago I established my brand Luck in Look. With my Brand I am realizing a dream of a little girl, who's ...
        February 10, 2020

        Benefits of comfortable insoles

        We live in hectic and interesting times. We go to work, do sports, take care of children, go out, study or simply travel; with the aim to seize every opportunity to enrich our lives. Unfortunately, l...