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        There are many reasons why people buy shoes. Some are interested in the latest trends, while others need comfort and functionality. But no doubt we all are searching for shoes from time to time. The question is what shoes do we choose?

        I’m absolutely in love with shoes. You can smile here because I’m a designer and a shoemaker. When I was 18 years old I drew my ideas of desirable shoes on paper, and later started making it by myself because I am a fan of HAND MADE SHOES! Let me tell you the advantages of wearing hand made shoes.

        In many cases, they can be worn for years, and sometimes, decades, which makes them a much more practical choice over your lifetime. For instance, when I make a pair of shoes I take measurements of the feet of a client, after that I adjust the last and make patterns. Eventually, if you are wearing hand made shoes you feel unique because it was made especially for you.

        Mass-produced shoes are often lacking in comfort, do not fit right, or have caused undue pain when worn. All these pairs take a lot of space, stored in our shelves for years. Indeed, the price is playing an important role. The choice of course depends on the financial situation and the vision of a person.

        However, when you see that most people usually only wear about 3 pairs on a regular basis, you realize that they may be spending more than they would if they had bought just a few pairs of handcrafted shoes. Considering that if you take the cost of 10 pairs of shoes in your closet that are rarely worn and invest that money into three pairs of bespoke shoes, you would easily save money and have better-quality shoes that you will wear much longer.

        I believe in Hand made shoes! This niche just needs passion and life. On my page I would like to share pictures and videos about the shoe-making process and the person behind the magic. @luckinlook

        Please enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask questions.