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        I had an amazing opportunity to demonstrate six pairs of shoes Luck in Look made from exclusive upcycling materials in one of the biggest exhibitions in Northern Europe last year. 

        • Dutch Design Week (also known as DDW) is the largest annual design event in Northern Europe. It presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad. Hosted in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the event is about Dutch design. The event takes place around the last week of October and is a nine-day event with exhibitions, studio visits, workshops, seminars, and parties at many venues dispersed throughout the city.

        The exhibit took place in a concept store “Lyd studios” in the heart of the city center in Eindhoven. I presented six pairs of designer and comfortable shoes from upcycling materials: three pairs of loafers “The Starry night”, “The eye” and “The blood of memory”(collaboration with Grezina Natalia https://grezina.com) and three pairs of sneakers: Nike Air Jordan “The golden coffee”, Nike Air max 90 “Braveheart” and “Unforgettable weekend”.

        I fell in love with the atmosphere of the event, there were a lot of different visitors, designers, artists and innovators. Consequently, it gave me valuable experience, inspiration and broadened my outlook for future ideas. 

        Loafers “The eye”
        Loafers “The blood of memory” Collaboration with an artist Natalia Grezina
        Sneakers “Brave heart”
        Casual comfortable sneakers made from up cycling materials and enriched with hand embroidery

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